Catherine is a singularly impressive human being. In my own life journey, I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with some of the most accomplished individuals in the world—and Catherine is one of them! She is a rare blend of extreme intellect and compassionate empathy. She was a guiding force in driving clarity on a project for me that required specialized knowledge—even though she had zero background in the issue beforehand! That didn’t matter—she listened, learned, pushed, suggested, cajoled, and otherwise guided a diverse group of thinkers to coalesce wildly disparate and esoteric approaches into a solution. This is arguably one of the smallest of her accomplishments. If you have the opportunity to work with Catherine, take it!
— Alex Gounares, former Technology Advisor to Bill Gates

Career Transition

You got fired for a good reason. Or you got fired for a not-so-good reason. You lost your business partner. You sold or you closed the company you built. You quit. You retired. You’re facing legal action from a former employee. You’re suing your former company. You need a plan to bridge the distance between now and a better future.

Relationship Change

You left your partner. Your partner left you. You’re stranded emotionally. You’re uncertain financially. You’re spinning in your own head, unable to see the way forward. You are scared for your kids. You are scared for yourself. You need a partner in planning a way out.


Someone you love has passed away. A dream you had has died. You’ve become disillusioned about a belief you once held dear. You’ve been deeply betrayed by someone you trusted. The world is not the place you thought it was. You’re shell shocked. You know you need to move forward, but how?

You’re in the public eye on a large or small scale, experiencing unwanted attention. You feel exposed, vulnerable, and angry. Any action you take, explicit or not, becomes exploited and commodified by the gossip mill. You know there is life after this, but you don’t see it yet.


You may not have had a specific moment or specific matter occur, but you need to shake up and reestablish your own routines. You need to codify your new mission in life, build healthier habits to support your goals, and learn better time management and self care techniques. You’re ready for a new level of daily excellence to support your dreams and vision.

Leveling Up


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